Ihsan Academy is a small, but thriving, independent school for children aged three to sixteen in the heart of the city of Cardiff.  Established in September 2013 with only a handful of children, we grew at a phenomenal pace as parents realised the benefits of being a part of Ihsan.   We are blessed to have such wonderful children, and a supportive network of parents and friends of the Academy, who work tirelessly to support our work.

Ihsan is very important to a true believer and should form an integral part of their very being. It is something believers should constantly be trying to attain. The highest level of faith, it is the closest to Allah that a believer can be. Ihsan means to worship Allah as if you are seeing Him. Although we know that in this world we do not actually see Him, we know that He truly sees us. It is having this consciousness that drives our actions, to make us do our best in what we say and do in order to conform to His commands so that we do only that which pleases Allah. This is the level of righteousness, the level of excellence, the level of saying, doing and thinking the ultimate good. This is the level of Ihsan.

Ihsan is an Arabic word derived from the verb ‘ahsana’, which means ‘doing things better.’ Therefore, the literal linguistic meaning of Ihsan is ‘doing the best,’ which is what Allah has commanded the believers to do.

Ihsan Academy was set up to serve Allah and His nation and must uphold His commands in every way. This is why the Academy must never accept less than ‘Striving for Excellence in Words, Deeds and Intentions.’

The Academy’s tree symbol has manifold significance. A universal symbol of strength and stability, the tree also represents growth, a strong foundation, and safety and protection in its shade. Moreover, trees are mentioned many times in the Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). For example, Allah likens the believers to the date tree when He compares the word of true monotheism (when it is established in the heart of a sincere believer), as bearing fruits of good deeds that strengthen faith.

"See you not how Allah sets forth a parable? – A goodly word is as a goodly tree, whose root is
firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the sky (i.e., very high)." (Chapter Ibrahim 14 verse 24)

Insha’Allah, Ihsan Academy too, can be likened to the date palm tree, as a school built on sincerity to serve Allah and the Muslim community. We hope that our sincerity, our adherence to and propagating of the true message of Islam, will bear fruits of good deeds for all those who are a part of this humble project and strengthen the faith of our children and future community.