Ihsan Academy aims to make lessons relevant and engaging to the children they serve. Lessons which are not geared toward pupils needs are futile as they fail to engage pupils and education becomes nothing more than the '...filling of a pail...', rather than the igniting of a fire.  At Ihsan we want to ignite that fire; the spark that burns a lasting love for the pursuit of knowledge, a place where children are eager to come to every morning, and that inspires a life journey of learning.  Children's well-being, comfort and happiness comes first at Ihsan, because children can only progress and grow, when they feel loved and valued.  With this secure emotional, moral, spiritual and social foundation, children will excel in their academic endeavours and social encounters.

Our teaching methodology takes the middle path.  We understand that children learn in different ways, so at Ihsan we combine modern, innovative teaching methods with more classical styles too.  This balanced approach ensures children reach their fullest potential.  Our mixed-aged classes benefit the children immensely, exposing them to rich and stimulating experiences where children are challenged to achieve more, whatever their ability.

With small classes, children at Ihsan receive unprecedented personal attention and care.  They form strong bonds with other children and teachers, providing a loving, family-like atmosphere.  This nurtures the ideal environment where children feel safe, secure and happy, enabling them to concentrate fully on their academic, moral and cultural development.

Ihsan's curriculum is designed to enable children to develop their emotional, academic, spiritual and physical well-being, equipping them with the necessary skills to fully participate and progress in a twenty-first century, multicultural society.  Our curriculum teaches Literacy, Numeracy, Sciences, Humanities, Religious Studies, Qur'an, Arabic, Art and Physical Education.

Due to increasing demand, Ihsan Academy has recently moved into larger premises located on The Walk in Cardiff City Centre.  A beautiful Victorian period building, we are situated in a community of other schools, colleges, independent language and tuition centres.. The route is served well by public transport services.  

As a faith school, religion is the core of everything we do.  We are reminded everyday of our school moto, which stimulates us to do nothing but our best, in everything we do: our words, our deeds and our intentions.  Our day is punctuated with the remembrance of God, with supplications and with prayer, providing a sound foundation of belief and faith for the individual, and a blessed environment for the Academy as a whole.