Ihsan Academy is blessed to have amazing children, enthusiastic staff and supportive parents.   Our parents and friends contribute and support us in various ways.

You too, can get involved and become a Friend of the Academy.  There are many ways you can help.  Maybe you can give some time?  One hour a week, or the occasional day from time to time? Whatever you can offer, it can benefit the children at the Academy in so many ways; from assisting in the classroom, helping occasionally on educational visits, or supporting us prepare for special events, or making one-off or regular donations.

Friends of the Academy are also benefiting themselves by supporting us, insha'Allah, by spending and sacrificing for Allah's cause, in an on-going charity, they are investing in their Hereafter.  The Academy greatly appreciates the support it receives from its friends and no words are sufficient to convey our gratitude, but we keep you in our duas, which are better than any words or thanks we could express.

By supporting the Academy, you will insha'Allah gain the pleasure and reward of Allah.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Academy, please send us an email with your proposal detailing how you would like to get involved.

For those who would like to support the Academy financially, donations can be made easily by bank transfer to the following account:
  • Account Name:          Ihsan Academy
  • Sort Code:                  08-71-99
  • Account Number:      13898570

Or you can support our online fundraising campaign at: