Classes at Ihsan are organised into age groups.  Whilst pupils are generally placed in the class which corresponds to their age, pupils may be moved into another class if it is deemed that the pupil will benefit more in a different class.  Pupils with little or no English will be taught within their classes, but the main focus will be to develop English skills. 

With very small class sizes, children receive a high level of one-to-one tuition. This outstanding teacher-pupil ratio, coupled with mixed-aged classes, enables children to excel and make progress, both socially and academically, at a far greater pace than their peers who are taught in larger, single-aged classes.

This approach to learning is a more natural model to follow.  Naturally, children learn and are inspired by observing older siblings or other family members and consequently they aspire to attain higher level skills and abilities that they observe in others.  This natural way of learning is utilised at Ihsan to keep children inspired and motivated to aim higher, and strive for the best.